These websites are extorting money from consumers. Both websites are linked together and you may find your name on here, sitting on the top of a Google search result.

This may prevent you from finding work. The pictures are obtained illegally, the data on here is posted by bitter ex's who may have abused you and stalked you, and just might be angry that you moved on with your life and got married.

Fortunately, they found good solace with these websites because they will take the lies and defamation and put it in plain view and refuse to remove it, even disregarding the DCMA which is LAW. They work with third party sites www.truthinposting.com, www.removemyname.com, www.removenames.com, and removeaposting.com who WILL take it off for $499 each time that bitter ex gets a dose of reality, becomes angry and defames you online.

People, this is extortion! These companies are ALL in together, because they are owned by the same companies! Therefore, file a complaint with the FBI IC3 Crime Center at http://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx so that we can get these people offline. Also complain to the BBB in Houston and your local city because these site are hosted by Hostgator.com.

Try the ftc and the Attorney General's office too.

This activity is ILLEGAL and needs to be stopped. What if someone loses their life over one of these postings?

Monetary Loss: $100000.

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